• Yeah 또 다른 늑대들이 볼세라 (볼세라) 너무나 완벽한 내 여자라 (여자라)
    품 속엔 부드럽게 너를 안고 너만을 위해서 나는 난폭해지고 (위.아.엑.소)
    look at all the chin chong i don't understand


    "This isnt a project that you will be able to do the night before"


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    Suho’s honest and realistic dongsaeng (⌒▽⌒;;)
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    In the Kpop fandom, the fact that there are some fans that think a male idol could never EVER do any wrong even if he did something horrific such as abuse and assault his significant other, yet if a female idol were to so much as sneeze she’s suddenly the scum of the earth speaks so much to the extremely worrying trend of misogyny in this fandom. 

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    ,text post   • omfg i am reading coments in all kpop about this and people is sick   • omfg people are saying he did it okay   • wtf you fucking idiots   • she had 2 broken ribs and you say she deserved it?   • that bastard should be in the fucking jail i don't care how fucking flower boy he looks   • or how nice he looks   • hitting your lover shouldn't be acepted in any form   • q: making chanyeol growl  
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    everyone laughs at the number 69 but i wonder how many of you have actually tried it

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    ,i feel so bad i have just unfollowed someone ;;   • but she kept reblogging porn and i don't feel really confortable with it :/   • above all when i plug my laptop to the tv really often   • my mum could see manga gay guys in my dash and i don't think it's good she thinks i watch porn on tumblr lol   • but i'm really sorry ;A;   • q: making chanyeol growl  

    shin sung woo showing chanyeol some love first thing in the morning..

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    Yixing at SMTOWN IV: Seoul

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    ,mah idiot  
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In honor of back-to-school.




    In honor of back-to-school.


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    ,why are you all so fucking negative and depressed over fucking school   • if you are getting a bad experience you should drop out when you have the age   • it's a competition because it's reality and in reality everything is a fucking competition   • this makes me so angry so kids literally die to have a fucking education and most of you lazy ass just know how to hate it and not appreciate how good it can be for your future   • i am gonna study something i like to work in something i like and doesn't make my life miserable   • because hell yeah i fucking prefer to study my ass off and have 1000 exams than work the remaining 50 years of my life in something i hate 12 hours a day like my father has to do to fucking give me food to eat a house and education   • next time think twice how your life would be without school   • i fucking bet you wouldn't like it damn  
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